Unveiling the Magic of Indian Weddings

Weddings everywhere are an ecstatic gala of celebrations, rituals, fun, and food. Every community and every faith has its own set of rules that govern this celebration of the coming together of two individuals. The variety of rituals, clothing, food, and festivities that a person can witness while attending weddings across the globe is incredible and, to a point, unfathomable. And amongst all these wedding options, Indian weddings stand out in all their glory.

When we talk about Indian weddings, let’s just make it clear from the start that they are not just a party, they are no less than an extravaganza spread across 3-4 days of festivities.

The wedding planning is exhaustive, with months going by in ticking off the never-ending checklist of the bride! The venues are booked months before D-day, and so are the vendors, which include your caterers, decorators, DJs, MUAs, and most importantly, the wedding planners.

Pre-wedding rituals

For most Indian weddings, the wedding rituals start 3-4 days before the actual wedding day.

Mehndi, Haldi, Sangeet/ Mehndi/ Jago, Civil, Wedding and Reception, etc. While obviously, we can’t list all the pre-wedding formalities, the Mehndi and Haldi ceremonies are probably celebrated all across the country, especially now that they are so Instagram-worthy!

The application of the henna or mehndi and turmeric paste is a fun-filled festivity for both parties, especially for the bride. The mehndi decor and the haldi party prep have to be on point, with the best Decorations and DJ music, so that even the pictures radiate excitement on social media.

Wedding apparels

Another major part of Indian weddings is the clothes and wedding trousseau of the bride.

Weddings in India and Indian weddings abroad are a multi-million dollar industry, and the fashion industry sure benefits from that! From prominent designer labels to local designers, wedding clothing is available in all forms and in all price ranges. No wonder you get to see wedding dress collections from world-famous designers every year!

And to top it all, weddings in different parts of India have distinctive attires that the bride and groom have to pull off for their big day. Elaborate lehengas, Kanchipuram sarees, Banarasi brocades, polio, Rajasthani poshak, you name it, and the market has it!


Indian weddings are also accompanied by a variety of food dishes that sometimes are specific to a particular ritual. And no wedding is ever complete without a dinner which usually has an elaborate menu. Who doesn’t want a stomach full after all the dancing, isn’t it?!

If one wants to taste the wide variety of food that India has to offer, the best way is to attend weddings in all parts of the country. From dal makhani to dosa, the wedding caterers can go on and on for your menu!


Last but not least, each part of the country decorates its weddings with beautiful music, most of the time in their religion.

Regional music is often associated with various rituals at the weddings ceremony. For example, in Indian Weddings especially for Gujarati wedding ceremonies your DJ should be knowledge in Traditional Lagna Geet ceremony music.

Along with these, we can’t forget our film industry which also brings us heartwarming and entertaining wedding songs every year for our wedding playlists!

Wrapping up

While marriage is an institution built upon the strong foundation of trust and love of two individuals, the wedding is the celebration of the beginning of it. The traditions that families follow generation after generation, coupled with the jazz and frenzy of the modern nitty gritty, have made weddings not just a ceremony but a fiesta of memories, laughter, and glamor! So when you get a chance to plan your big fat Indian wedding, don’t forget to enjoy it and don’t miss a second of it, as it goes by in a flash. To help with stress levels when planning contact Dynamic Roadshow and opt for their complete wedding package where they can help with Mandap, Music/ DJ and Decor.

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